12 Januar 2018

Enjoy Verona from above!

Categorie : Eventi

For those who want to admire the city of Verona from another prospective, now the extraordinary panoramic square of Castel San Pietro is close at hand: the funicular has arrived! It’s located in the immediate vicinity of the Teatro Romano, a few steps from the church of Santo Stefano.
Already in the years before the First World War it had been designed to encourage students to reach the Academy of Fine Arts, which was once located at Castel San Pietro, as well as to enhance the beauty of the Habsburg castle and make it accessible to the already prosperous tourist flow.
It was inaugurated for the first time in 1941, but the advent of the Second World War and the economic hardship led to its closure in 1944.
During the eighties and nineties several proposals were made for its reconstruction, and after several projects the plant was reopened in June 2017 in the form of a sloping lift.
The lift can carry 25 passengers and allows you to walk 159 meters in about 90 seconds, with a difference in height of 55 meters and so you can easily reach Castel San Pietro and access the terrace with a panoramic view over the whole city; an intermediate stop is planned for visiting the Roman Theater archaeological park. Rates: for adults 2 euros return (1 euro each way); 1 euro ticket for children under 10 and over 65; for groups of more than 15 people, 1 and a half euros.

Opening hours:

Summer (April – October) 11.00 am – 9.00 pm (last run 8.45 pm)

Winter (November – March) 10.30 am – 4.30 pm

Closed on 25th December and on 1st January.