17 March 2017

What people say about us. "The Compass and the journal"

Categories: Eventi

Claudia Boccini, mystery travel blogger
from the Italian Travel Blogger Association,
visited us during the month of February.
After her stay with us she dedicated
an entire article to the Mazzanti Hotel.

In her blog entitled ‘The Compass and the journal’, Claudia explains why she chose to stay at the Mazzanti Hotel… “in Verona we chose to stay at the Mazzanti Hotel, a small sophisticated upper 3 star hotel, with only 16 delightful rooms, and the great advantage of being right at the heart of the old town. A fantastic location for me from which to reach the Piazza del Bra where the ‘Seo&Love’ conference was taking place at the Palazzo del Gran Guardia, as well as for Francesco, who wouldn’t otherwise have accompanied me if it hadn’t been easy for him to get around Verona, following a haphazard photographic tourist trail.”

Discover all the “treasures” travel blogger Claudia Boccini describes!
She also recommends it to all who wish to spend a romantic weekend in the city of Romeo and Juliet.

Read the whole article!